Live stream videos at Ustream

This live stream is a free service to Grace Baptist and includes commercials. If you would like to watch the services without commercials please follow the following steps:

1.  On your computer start up your web browser.  Google Chrome or Firefox work well.  Microsoft's Internet Explorer does not work.  Other browsers may also work.

2.  In the search window at the top of your browser type - - and press enter.

3.  Click on the "Watch" button at the top of the page and then click on the "Search" button and type "grace2745".

4.  If the service has started, which in broadcast terms may not start right at the actual service times because of a slight delay, you will see an image of the service highlighted at the bottom.  Hit Enter on the keyboard and the image will fill the screen.

5.  If everything is running smoothly at church and on the Internet, you should have an uninterrupted service.